Our mission is to accelerate settlement of the High Frontier by supporting honest, hard-working and inspirational individuals who are dyed-in-the-wool spacers. We believe there is no higher priority for humanity than to spread civilization beyond a single planet.

SpacePAC supports the utility, practicality and legality of spacesteading. This is the High Frontier version of the homesteading movement that proved so useful in settling America's western frontier.

SpacePAC is centered along Florida's Space Coast because this is the most active rocket launching site in the United States. We believe that a national commitment to extending the United States to space will result in a renaissance of economic growth both in this part of Florida and nationwide.

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Spacepac.us is the spacesteading outreach arm of the Terasem Movement Transreligion. Its purpose is to encourage a religious belief in the imperative of creating spacesteads throughout the solar system and beyond.